Global Policy Symposium.

Epal dan Pisang sekalian.

Paein and I were just participants. Neither committees nor presenters. 

It's a superb experiences that we obtained. This is frankly speaking.

By the way, both of us were 'diseludup' into committees apartment. Because the lodging places were only provided to committees. Thanks to Kakak Paein. Without her, maybe we'll sleep at the roadside. HAHA. Program tu start pukul 9 pagi and CFS boleh keluar pun start pukul 9. Nanti kelam-kabut pulak.. It's a two days program. 

Just wanna share one of pictures of us during that symposium. I mean, the pictures from the GPS facebook.

Brother tu student UniMas.

This was during the policy presentation.

Basically, this symposium is..

" The Malaysian Students’ Global Policy Symposium (GPS) is a collective effort of Malaysian student councils around the globe to bring Malaysian students worldwide from different backgrounds and demographics to engage, interact and network in a fruitful discourse over issues of national importance. It is an event for the students to speak up their perspectives. This project leverages on one common ground that we all share – to drive the nation forward. " - GPS

The symposium is a collaboration of many organizations such as ICMS, MASCA, EPIC, MASAF, MPMMJ, MPPK, MSAJ, NAMSA, PERUBATAN, PKPMI, PPMK, UKEC. For more info, just Google. Heee~ Partners with iM4U, CPPS, JCF, SUNWAY, KBS, Rakan Muda, Parlimen Belia Malaysia, Perdana Fellows Alumni Association, UTAM, Global Shapers Community and Teach for Malaysia.

Firstly, we're given a brief talk from Dato' Prof. Dr. Kamaruddin regarding on the Higher Education Blueprint of Malaysia 2015-2025. 

"In 2013, the Ministry thus began developing the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015-2025 (Higher Education) or the MEB (HE). Over the course of two years, the Ministry drew on multiple sources of input, from Malaysia and international education experts, to leaders of Malaysia higher learning instituitions (HLIs) and membes of the public. the end product is a blueprint that was developed by Malaysians, for Malaysians, and that will equip Malaysia for the final leg of its journey towards becoming a high-income nation." - GPS booklet.

Untuk aku terangkan blueprint dengan terperinci tu, macam agak sukar sebab aku pun tak berapa arif. Tapi kalau nak tau, boleh klik PDF dan sini

Then, we're having presentation and discussion session. There were 4 policies that can be watched by the participants. 

So, among of the four which were,
1. A Public-Private Partnership Framework in Higher Education.
2. The Malaysia Higher Education System: A Proposition for Rectification and Refinement.
3. To Change Society's Stigma towards Technical and Vocational Education (TVET).
4. Waqf Funding in Higher Education.

the most thumbs up policy, in my opinion is the first. *clapping*

ThankYou AfiqMusa for becoming our so-called tourist guide there. Budak Monash University katakan~ HAHA. 

Tempat kitorang bermalam.

Lama rasanya tak mencurah rasa. Ceh~ HAHA. Well~ Aku prepare untuk demonstrative speech apa bagai lepas sakan gila kat Subang tu since Jumaat. Pastu asyik exhausted je. Tidur berlebihan mungkin. And, just now, I've done my speech, Alhamdulillah. Tinggal 3 speech lagi yang menanti. Weww~ Jumaat ni Mid-Term Business. Semoga FiezaSudin dan classmates nya dalam section 348 dapat lakukan yang terbaik. :) Ameen. 

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