#P : Teach.

Epal dan Pisang sekalian.

One of the way to tie.
And stops during die.
From the first hi.
To the last bye. 
Yet become a guy.
Who's asking why.
Towards all the lie.

Showing the right.
To put a bright.
Without a light.
And avoid the fight.
So can put the pride.
At the highest side.
Then give others guide.

It'll never enough.
Day by day will be tough.
Went out from the mouth.
Sometimes may be rough.
Along with the cough.
But still can laugh.
And smile carved. 

To the first teacher which is my parents. To my beloved Kindergarten Teachers. All the teachers who have taught me during Primary School, SK Taman Molek. Superb Awesome Teachers in SMK Permas Jaya. Inspiring Teachers in SMKA Johor Bahru. Dedicated Teachers in PLKN Put Put. To my honorable Lecturers here, in CFS IIUM, Petaling Jaya. Indeed. Whoever that have came to my life and showed me the right path, teach me even a single thing or even a single word. And, always.. Our beloved Prophet S.A.W. the greatest teacher in life forever. Happy Teacher's Day. May ALLAH grant you all with the Barakah and Happiness. In Sha ALLAH. 


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