End of Lectures.

Epal dan Pisang sekalian.

Busy weeks have ended!

Yeayy~! *dancinggracefully*
Every semester.. When it comes to the final, you'll be busy to finish up all of your assessment. All because of carry marks. But then, I still have one that is not settle yet. -_- Debate.

Ini semua sebab aku gi Terengganu. Terpaksa delay Debate untuk Legal haritu. HAHA. PadanMuka Fieza. So, I need to go back to CFS earlier than my plan which is on 2nd of October because Madam's due date. Bestnya dapat baby. HUHU.

Aku nak provide-kan certain gambar of my classes throughout this semester. Exclude kelas ITIL. Sebab last kelas ada quiz and sumorang terus keluar.


Research Skills.

Public Speaking. I was not there. Terengganu.

Legal Skills. Terengganu too.


Managers of Oh Pong! Sdn. Bhd.

After impromptu.

Research Team.

So. In Sha ALAH this will be my final semester in foundation centre. Ganbatte for final! Yes. Aku sangat stress sem ni. Jangan banyak tanya kalau tak aku banned kau sampai bilabila!

Yeayyy! It's end of our lectures week! *dancing*

Happy Aidiladha.

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