Epal dan Pisang sekalian.

So, actually, for our last Thinking Skills class last week, we've decided to create a history. In Sha ALLAH. May ALLAH ease. It was Xifu's idea actually. " The idea come because Ezureen started it and ended by Balqis. " That time when Zureen talked about 'Friend', we just know each other, not being as the real friend which you may know who am I actually? What I like and hate? And when Balqis gave a speech on the topic 'The Main Root of Social Problems', which is lacking of love.. Xifu come up with an idea to give us the opportunity to proof that we may 'keep in touch' for 20 years period of time.

" There are 2 types of history. The history that come from the past and the history that can be known as a record that no one ever did the thing. "

In order to build the team, we need strength. Indeed. We also need support. There's some oppositions from certain people that claim that it was difficult to achieve. Why give up to early and you're not trying and don't want to try at all? Even Xifu put a trust on us.

In Sha ALLAH. With the strength of 22 participants, we are going to make 'something'.

Congratulations to dearest Balqis who have been choosen as the Coordinator in this main board. And Syazely as co-Coordinator.

I'll try to share the update from this group here if I can make it.

Don't be here because you are forced. Don't be here because you're following others. But, please be here because of yourself. 

Reminder from our Coordinator, "Guys, we need to renew(tajdid) our intention in order to make it happen."

With Love,
29th of April 2015.

p/s: 30th is Husna's birthday and Balqis's phone went missing during PBAKL last week.

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