It Hurts.

Epal dan Pisang sekalian.

I've made a decision on deactivating my Facebook account.
Ohh. Not to worry. I'll not take much time.

Raya Haji nanti maujud balik okayy? ^^

I think I've spent so much time for that.


No one ever knows others. 

Just no one knows.

Sorry if I've being the person that never understand others. Never know others.

Sorry if I've being a person that give hopes. Who seeking hope from others.

Just a little me. Who always make mistakes.

Trust me.


Everyone got problems with their own feelings.

And. Sorry.

I'm not strong enough to face it.


Whoever I am, I really can't face feelings matter.

Even people out there though that I'm hardcore, but inside.. I'm weak.

Weak enough.

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